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Dictionary of International Trade 11th Edition – Premium Edition

Handbook of the Global Trade Community
Pages: 792

This title is available in quantity with custom cover and custom content pages in quantity.

….the most respected and largest-selling dictionary of trade in the world. It is used by importers, exporters, bankers, shippers, logistics professionals, attorneys, economists and government officials in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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World Atlas: Trade and Logistics

Pages: 216
This title is available in quantity with a foil stamped cover or a custom cover.
104 pages of brilliant full-color maps.

112 pages of trade and logistics info that includes:

  • Illustrated Guides to Ocean Cargo Vessels & Containers and Cargo Aircraft & Containers
  • Top 200 World Airports and top 600 Seaports
  • Illustrated Guide to INCOTERMS® 2010
  • Supply-Chain Security Diagram
  • World Distance Charts: Seaports and Airports

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Mobile Connectivity

Pocket Guide to Mobile Connectivity: Premium Edition

Pages: 176

More and more people travel the world with cell phones, laptop computers and PDAs than ever before. But it usually takes just one trip for reality to set in: protocols for telecommunications, cell communications and Internet and mobile connectivity vary from country to country.

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