World Trade Press


Global Road Warrior™

Contains 175 country guides with 126 content modules each. Topics include culture & society, travel essentials, education, history, holidays and festivals, language, media outlets, music, maps, money, national symbols, and religion. Illustrated with more than 30,000 photos, maps, and flag images.

Global Local Living™

Contains 175 country and 202 world city local living guides. Main modules include travel essentials, before you go, take it or leave it?, local how-to, banking, taxes, local culture, business culture, local living, country study, education, language, health and medical, neighborhoods, maps, local transportation, help!, and security.

AtoZ World Travel™

Contains 202 world city travel guides. These beautifully illustrated and up-to-date guides cover travel essentials, attractions, insiders’ information, excursions, nightlife, shopping, culture, cuisine, health, security, language, maps, and lots more.

Global Business Traveler™

Contains 175 country and 202 world city travel guides. These guides are all about business travel, not tourist travel. Topics include travel essentials, business culture, business entertaining, communications, money and banking, hotels, restaurants, internet access, media outlets, maps, nightlife, health and medical, and security.

AtoZ World Food™

The world’s largest and most comprehensive database of food and food culture for 174 countries. This proprietary database includes 884 food culture articles, 6,500 traditional recipes, 650 ingredient articles, historical timelines, glossaries, and 2,000 food quotes. Lavishly illustrated with 14,000 photos.

AtoZ Food America™

Providing 7,000 recipes, 650 ingredient articles, vintage food labels and ads, historical what did they eat articles, how to make food videos, and more, AtoZ Food America is the world’s largest database of American food, culture, and recipes. It features content and information found nowhere else combined with beautiful graphics and illustrations.

World Trade REF™

Contains 100 Country Business Guides and 76 Trade Resources. Each guide includes articles on business formation, business culture, import/export procedures, investment climate, seaports, money and banking, taxation and security. Trade resources include the complete Dictionary of International Trade, illustrated guides to Incoterms® 2010, letters of credit, and shipping containers.

Lingo LITE™

Learn basic vocabulary in 30 languages from native speakers. Each vocabulary entry includes a color photo, a native speaker video, and the word in the local language and your native language. Users can change the interface language (also 30 languages) at the click of a button.