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Incoterms 2020 Products


Incoterms® 2020 Mousepad

Available as:
Standard Edge – 8″ X 9.5″
Resin Edge available

Available in: English, German, French, and Spanish

As Low as $3.75 each

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Incoterms® 2020 Calculator

Dia: 8.75″

As Low as $5.00 each

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Illustrated Guide to Incoterms® 2020

Professional Industry Booklet
Pages: 28
World Trade Press Illustrated Guide to Incoterms® 2010 is available in bulk quantities with your company’s branding/logo. This guide explains how and when to use Incoterms and includes a comprehensive description for each term.


Incoterms® 2020 Laminated Handout

The World Trade Press Incoterms® 2020 Laminated Handout is well-organized and well-illustrated. The handout is in full color, with a stain- and water-resistant double laminated, edge-sealed gloss finish. Anyone involved in the trade and logistics industry or in international sales transactions will appreciate this handy reference.

Available in: English, French, Spanish, and German

As Low as $1.05 each

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