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International Dialing Guide

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Professional Industry Report
Pub. Date: 1996 Updated 2000-2004-2007
Pages: 19
Format: Printed 8.5″X11″ (21.59X27.94cm) Color Cover, B&W Contents, Double Sided Pages, Illustrated
Author: World Trade Press Staff

International Dialing
International telephone calls have become a common and necessary part of conducting an international enterprise. Understanding international call systems and making international calls, however, proves to be an ongoing challenge.

International Dialing Guide
The World Trade Press ‘International Dialing Guide’ is a user manual to making calls from anywhere to anywhere in the world. It includes sections on how to dial international calls, points of confusion, the North American Numbering Plan, dialing examples, international access codes, country codes by numeric code, and a detailed 13-page table of country codes, and city/area codes for 192 countries and territories of the world. The table also has world time information (hours ahead or behind) for more than 300 world cities. There are more than 240,000 copies of this guide in print worldwide. (Seven updated editions and eight foreign language translations over 14 years.)

Who Should Purchase This Report

The World Trade Press ‘International Dialing Guide’ is a must have for individuals and organizations that are making international telephone calls on a regular basis. This guide will literally save time and money. It saves time figuring out the different dialing procedures for different countries and saves money by reducing the number of misdialed international calls.

Authors / Developers

The World Trade Press ‘International Dialing Guide’ was a collaborative effort by World Trade Press editors and researchers Sibylla Putzi-Ortez, Paul Denegri and Edward Hinkelman.


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