Incoterms® 2020 Calculator (Calc)

Incoterms® 2020* Calculator

Diameter: 8.75″ (22.225cm)

2 Sided

Available in: English, German, French, and Spanish

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Incoterms® 2020* Calculator

The World Trade Press Incoterms® 2020* calculator is a new take on understanding Incoterms® rules. Our two-wheel calculator offers an “at-a-glance” view of the 11 Incoterms® 2020* and gives the user the opportunity to compare terms visually and graphically.

Co-branded with your company’s name, logo, and colors, the World Trade Press Incoterms® 2020* calculator is a great way to promote your company to the international trade community.

These calculators are available in either 20 or 30 mil plastic. See pricing below.

German, French, Spanish Editions

We are also able to supply our World Trade Press Illustrated Guide to Incoterms® 2020* in German, French, Spanish, and other languages. Call for more information.

* Incoterms® is a registered trademark of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) and is used here for informational purposes only. This illustrated guide is independently authored and is not sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with the ICC.

We can customize this product to reflect your organization’s name, logo, colors, contact information, and anything else you wish.

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Co-Branded Pricing
 (Price is per unit and includes basic customization)
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Product Weight 100 250 500 1,000 2,500
Incoterms® 2020* Calculator 20 mil $29.00 $14.00 $10.00 $8.00 $6.00
Incoterms® 2020* Calculator 30 mil $32.00 $16.00 $11.00 $9.00 $7.00

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