Guide to Truck Trailers

Guide to Truck Trailers

Professional Industry Report

Publication Date: January 2020

Pages: 16

Page Size: 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59cm x 27.94cm)

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The World Trade Press “Illustrated Guide to Truck Trailers” is an essential resource to the 14 most common truck trailers used in domestic and international trade. This is the most comprehensive guide to truck trailers in the industry and has more than 420,000 copies in print in several formats.

In addition to an introduction and a schematic of truck trailer dimensions, 14 truck trailer types are profiled. For each truck trailer there is a detailed side-view illustration of the trailer, front and rear view illustrations, a usage statement, configurations, features and options, notes, and standard dimensions.

Who Should Purchase This Report?

The World Trade Press “Illustrated Guide to Truck Trailers” is a must-have resource for any organization that ships goods by truck, either domestically or internationally. It is an industry-standard guide for trucking companies, freight forwarders, consolidators, and those involved in multi-modal shipping.

The truck trailers profiled include:

  1. Freight (Van, Box) Trailer
  2. Refrigerated Trailer (Reefer)
  3. Container Skeletal Trailer
  4. Platform (Flat Bed) Trailer
  5. Tandem Platform Trailer
  6. Platform Dropdeck/Gooseneck Trailer
  7. Tandem Platform Dropdeck/Gooseneck Trailer
  8. Tanker Trailer
  9. Livestock Trailer
  10. Dry Bulk Trailer (Hopper)
  11. Tandem Dry Bulk Trailer (Hopper)
  12. Deep Drop Furniture/Electronics Van
  13. Auto Transport Tractor Trailer
  14. Timber (Logger) Trailer

Edward G. Hinkelman is an international economist (Tufts University, University of Paris) with more than 40 years’ experience as an importer and exporter.

Mr. Hinkelman is the author of the industry-standard Dictionary of International Trade (now in the 13th edition), the Short Course in International Payments (now in the 4th edition), the Short Course in International Trade Documentation (now in the 3rd edition), and Importers Manual USA (now in the 4th edition).

Mr. Hinkelman has been a featured speaker at many industry seminars related to topics of international trade, economics, and publishing, as well as a visiting lecturer at Tufts University, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Michigan, and San Francisco State University.

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