AtoZ World Travel™

AtoZ World Travel™

Contains 202 world city travel guides. These beautifully illustrated and up-to-date guides cover travel essentials, attractions, insiders’ information, excursions, nightlife, shopping, culture, cuisine, health, security, language, maps, and lots more.


  • 202 World City Travel Guides:
    • Travel Essentials
    • Security Briefings
    • City Facts
    • Neighborhoods
    • Local Transportation
    • Activities
    • Attractions
    • Points of Interest
    • Excursions
    • Maps
    • Language


  • Saves library’s funds by having a single travel resource for 202 world cities.
  • Saves libraries from having to replace lost, stolen, and damaged travel books.
  • Supports non-English speakers with content available in 103 languages.
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